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PTA Mission: Encouraging stronger relationships and lifelong giving

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本日、3月19日はK3 & G6 Graduation ceremonyです。







・Meet the Teachers Evenings(先生との顔合わせ)は、園児・児童1名につき保護者1名のみの参加を予定しています。

Teachers and Staff Appreciationについて






On 19th March,MIS held K3 and G6 Graduation Ceremony.

Congratulations on your graduation!! We wish you all the best in your future.

The PTA Monthly Meeting was held on 17th March 2021.

Here are topics we've discussed.

*Present situation of MIS from Mr.Citrano

・We will hold K3 and G6 Graduation Ceremony on the last day of this school year.(Invitation only)

・There is no Opening Ceremony for the new school year 2021 as preventing the spread of COVID-19.

・The school will have "Meeting the Teachers Evening",and one parent can participate for each child.

*Teachers and Staff Appreciation

To prevent the spread of COVID-19,we've decided to give message cards and gifts for teachers and staff. The total of Kindergarten and Elementary School,we've collected 516 message cards and 42 photos via e-mail. These cards and gifts were handed from Mr.Citrano to each teacher and all staff.We appreciated all parents supporting and encouraging the children to do this production.

*About the Storage

The storage for keeping PTA's equipment is on backorder at the moment.

*The PTA General Meeting will be held on 20th April 2021 by online.


Present School Situation



・Parent’s Evening:3月2日から4日に開催




The PTA Storage Unit



Staff Appreciation Day



手作りの郵便ポストを学校内に18個設置したことにより、たくさんのThank you cardsが集められました。



Present School Situation

・MIS had to cancel G5 and G6 trips due to regulation by Chiba city.

The Following Schedule

・Parents' Evening starts from 2nd March to 4th March.

・MIS will not have the Opening Ceremony for next academic year.

・New academic year will start on 2nd April.

・PTA general meeting for new academic year will be held on 20th April.

About The PTA Storage Unit

・We consider purchasing and installing a new storage shed. We'll inform you all when the general meeting is held.

Teachers and Staffs Appreciation Day

・We have been announcing this event through Email, Nanohana and video.

We appreciate teachers and parents' support. We were able to collect a lot of Thank you cards from 18 handmade postboxes that we put in the school.

These cards will be handed with gifts to teachers and staffs on the Appreciation Day.

Next PTA monthly meeting will be held on 16th March, which will be the last meeting of this academic year.




1.Present situation








4.Teacher Appreciation Dayの開催について

3月に行われる、Teacher Appreciation Dayの内容を検討しました。


この件については、内容が決まり次第PTAのNews Letterで生徒の皆様へ周知します。(2月5日発行予定)


The PTA Monthly Meeting was held on 19th Jan.2021.

Here are topics of discussion as follows.

  1. Present Situation

Announcement of current school situation from Mr.Citrano.

  1. About Safety School Commuting

As part of our efforts during MIS Road Safety Week, we've requested to Chiba-city that to put school zone sign around streets near MIS and they approved it. They will put them by next summer.

  1. Looking back PTA Activity in 2020

As COVID-19 situation, we could hold the General Meeting only once.

We are hoping to hold the General Meeting twice in a year next school year according to the bylaws.

  1. Teachers Appreciation Day

We've discussed Teachers Appreciation Day which will be held in March.

We're planning to collect the messages and photos to teachers and staff members (put them in a post that we'll set in each classroom or send them by e-mail), then edit them to a movie, eventually we will give gifts together with it.

About this matter, we will inform all students via PTA News Letter as soon as when the details have been finalized. (The date of issue will be on 5th Feb.)

Next PTA Monthly Meeting will be held on 16th Feb.

15 DECEmber PTA Meeting



1.Present situation



11月24日 (火)から11月27日 (金)の間、交通安全週間が行われました。





4.Teacher Appreciation Dayの開催について

PTAとして、3月にTeacher Appreciation Dayの開催を検討しています。



1. Opening

Mr. Citrano talked about the current situation of the school.

2. Safe commuting to/from school

Road Safety Week was held from November 24th (Tuesday) to 27th (Friday).

While the number of those student, who crosses the road after confirming safety, has been increased, some students still have not worn helmet.

we are planning to hold Spring Road Safety Week from May 10th to 14th next year.

3. PTA public relations activities

We are considering to create newsletter in order increase the awareness to the PTA activities.

4. Teacher Appreciation Day

We are also considering to hold Teacher Appreciation Day in March.

It will be discussed further during the next meeting.

The next PTA meeting is scheduled for January 19th next year.







This week is Road Safety Week

Where MIS PTA performs watching and safety support at commuting paths, mainly at crosswalks that are close to the School.

17 November PTA Meeting





Sports Day

G4-G6 11月25日(水)9:00-11:30

G1-G3 11月26日(木)9:00-11:30

Kindergarten 11月27日(金)9:00-11:30

Twin Day 12月4日(参加費 ¥100)

Play Day 12月11日(参加費 ¥100)

※参加費 ¥100は、Red Feather Campaign Collectionへの寄付となります。

MIS 交通安全週間が11月24日 (火)から11月27日 (金)まで開催されます。


(登校時 8:35~8:50 AM、下校時 3:15~3:35PM予定)



20 October PTA Meeting



  1. Present situation


今後の学校の予定として、Book parade および Sports dayが行われます。いずれも保護者を入れず、生徒のみで行います。

今年度のWinter Performance は行いません。

  1. 安全な登下校について




  1. プレイグラウンドの遊具について



We had PTA Board Meeting on 20th Oct.2020.

The topics are as follows.

  1. Present Situation

Mr.Citrano gave us an update on the latest school situation.

Book Week Parade will be held on 23rd Oct

Music Recitals 26th-30th Oct

Sports Day 11th-13th Nov

as the school have already sent e-mail "MIS Special Events Dates"

We will not be able to have parents as spectators at these events.

We will not be holding Winter Performance this year.

  1. For Safety School Commuting

About a result of a survey for Crosswalk monitor around the school, 60 people answered "We need Crosswalk monitor".

On the other hand, there were few candidates who will be able to join volunteer.

Therefore PTA suggested to the school for doing traffic safety campaign in spring and autumn.

MIS also suggested for asking Chiba-Nishi Police Office to supervise traffic safety for students, will give house points to whom wearing their helmet.

Along with that, we will request to Chiba city for safety patrol, installation of traffic signals and school zone sign.

  1. About Playground Equipments

We will keep discussing with the school and the trader.

Next PTA Board Meeting will be held on 17th November.



日時:2020年9月15日 1:15 - 2:15 PM

場所:ZOOM オンラインにて





・深谷理事長より、学校隣地の車両待機・転回スペースについてのその後の報告 : 今後もスペースを使用させて頂けるようにPTAから千葉市に要望書を提出済だが、千葉市としては売却の方向であるとのこと

・保護者からの以下の提案 :

  1. より安全な登校のため、登下校時に学校周辺の横断歩道での保護者による誘導(特にベイパーク開発地付近)

2. 学校ゾーンの看板設置に関する市への要望

3. 生徒登校完了時のメール通知システムの検討

4. コミュニケーションやイベントを促進する存在としてのクラス代表保護者の任命




PTA Newsletter.pdf



・Present situation



Mr. Citrano shared with the PTA about the school's situation. It's not possible to hold activities like have in the past, although we'd like to hold some events the current situation requres a different approach. As always, the school will follow prefectural policy and guidelines for any events or activities.

Please check the PTA newsletter on the left for more details!

General meeting, Sept 15th

9月15日(火) 1:15-2:15pm に、今年度のPTA総会を行います。

・PTA Activity, October 20th

10月20日(火) 1:15-2:15pm に、PTA役員会議を行います。

16 June 2020 PTA Meeting

This week the PTA hosted its first meeting of the term via web conferencing. We discussed how to restart the PTA activities in the next term, and how to adjust our activities to adapt to this new normal. Here are a few highlights of our discussion:

  1. PTA General meeting will be September 15. More details on how to join will be announced when we return in the next term. During this meeting we will accept new officers into the PTA.

  2. The PTA officers from last year are being asked to kindly continue their volunteer work in the PTA for a little longer. We appreciate your continued support and hope that new officers can join us soon.

  3. The annual PTA fee will still be collected in the following term. Without the annual Bazaar, we’re a little behind on our fundraising plans for the new playground equipment, but we’re continuing to pursue this goal and hope to have more updates on this in the near future.

  4. We are continuing to brainstorm and re-imagine PTA activities in this new environment - like having virtual PTA meetings, maybe we can host other social events virtually. Please share your ideas, and we'll share more in our next update.

Congratulations on your graduation



18 February pta meeting

2020年 2月のPTA会議のミーティングで話された議題は以下の通りです。






先日、お送りしたPotluck letterに登録してくださった方々ありがとうございます。現状の新型コロナウィルスにより、残念ながら中止となりました。






In February’s PTA meeting we discussed:

The collection of PTA dues this year - thank you for your continued support for and cooperation in PTA activities. We are still reviewing plans to set up a playground on the kindergarten site. Specific details will be discussed later.

The Teacher and Staff Appreciation Potluck - thank you to those who registered to contribute. Unfortunately, out of an abundance of caution, the Potluck has been canceled due to the current situation with the coronavirus.

About Terry Fox Run: It will be held on April 25. (backup date will be on the 26th in the event it rains on the 25th). We will determine the specifics at the next meeting.

The PTA has submitted a request form to Chiba City asking for MIS to be allowed to use the vehicle waiting / turning space next to the school even after March.

We’ll keep you updated on this topic in our next post.

The next PTA meeting is March 10 (Tuesday).

21 January PTA Meeting

In January's PTA meeting the following topics were discussed:

・ Timing of PTA fee collection next school year

This year, due to the change in membership dues, the collection date was later than in previous years. Next fiscal year the PTA dues will be collected earlier.

・ About PTA membership fees

Regarding the “playground equipment” donation that been talked about in the PTA, one proposal is to set up a playground next to the kindergarten classes. We will collect proposals and estimates from several companies and discuss them at future PTA meetings.

・ About the Teacher and Staff Appreciation Potluck

The appreciation potluck will be held on Monday, March 2. Last year, we distributed a letter announcing the event and explaining what to bring, but this year we're considering a paperless approach by organizing on the web, electronically. More information on the potluck will be sent out later.

・ About Terry Fox Run

The Terry Fox Run, which is usually held in November - which is also a busy time with exams. We received requests from the faculty and staff about changing the timing of the event. We are considering shifting the annual event to late April.

Our next PTA meeting is Tuesday, February 18.











12 Dec General Meeting

Happy New Year and welcome back!

In our 2nd General PTA Meeting of 2019 we reviewed all the activity of MIS PTA and voted on the proposed changes to our Bylaws. The votes submitted by absentee and the votes from everyone present were unanimous in favor of the proposed changes (see the post below for more details). We will amend and publish our Bylaws on MISPTA.COM before the term ends.

Thank you everyone for your support of our PTA!

In this month’s meeting, we’ll plan for the upcoming Teacher and Staff Appreciation Potluck. An update on that will be shared here shortly afterwards.


2019年の第2回PTA総会では、MIS PTAのすべての活動をレビューし、規約の変更案に投票しました。 不在者によって提出された票と出席した全員からの票は、提案された変更に賛成して全会一致でした(詳細については以下の投稿を参照してください)。 私たちはMISPTA.COMに規約を修正して公開する予定です。


今月のPTA会議では、今後のイベントである先生方とスタッフへの感謝のポットラックを計画します。 後日、またこちらでお知らせします。

November PTA Meeting

Our November PTA meeting started with a quick retrospective of this year’s Terry Fox Run. This year the setup was fast, and even with a larger turnout than last year everything went very smoothly. Thank you to everyone that joined the event and helped us have a fun day for a great cause!

Most of our meeting time this month was spent discussing a very important change we want to make to our Bylaws. This change will be voted on at the 2nd General Meeting in December.

1) PTA officers, after several months of discussion, agreed to vote on an increase in annual PTA dues. Please see the proposed change to our Bylaws:

(3)Each member of MIS PTA shall pay dues: three thousand yen (¥3,000) per family for PTA management.

(3)Each member of MIS PTA shall pay dues: five thousand yen (¥5,000) per child for PTA management.

This is the first time in our PTA’s history to raise dues. This change will help fund valuable PTA initiatives that will benefit all our children:

  • Funding for PTA resources used in organization of annual activities

  • Funding for special projects (e.g., donation of playground equipment, portable sunshades)

  • Funding for special events and activities (e.g., teacher appreciation luncheon, coffee mornings)

  • Funding to build a stronger PTA network that supports our school and children’s future

For more details, and to vote on this change to the Bylaws, please attend the 2nd General Meeting on December 12th at 15:30 in the Multipurpose hall. Those unable to attend may entrust their vote to the Chairman or other representative. An announcement will be sent home with all students.

11月のPTA会議は、今年のTerry Fox Runの出来事を振り返ることから始まりました。今年は準備が早く、昨年よりも多くの参加があったにもかかわらず、すべてが非常にスムースに進みました。イベントに参加された方々、およびこの大きな目的のために私たちを助けてくれた皆様に感謝致します。



変更前:MIS PTAの各メンバーは、PTA運営のために1家族あたり年会費3,000円を支払うものとする。

変更後:MIS PTAの各メンバーは、PTA運営のために子供1人あたり年会費5,000円を支払うものとする。







October PTA Meeting

At the October PTA meeting, two main topics were discussed.

1) Terry Fox Run

We discussed the schedule, items the PTA should prepare, and rules regarding event management. We also clarified how best to collaborate between PTA and school staff to make it another successful charity event.

2) The PTA General Assembly

Following the first round in April, the second PTA General Assembly is scheduled for December 12. November's regular PTA meeting will prepare for a General Assembly, more details to be posted soon.


Terry Fox Run





In this month's PTA meeting, there were two new agenda items to discuss. First, the Donation committee presented some proposals on what we could donate to the school. Last year the PTA helped purchase new swings and horizontal bar for the school playground. And second, there was a proposal that the PTA should increase the number of events we host each year. We'll discuss both topics in more detail at a later time.

Regarding the Terry Fox Run: the venue was reserved at our usual location, Wakaba 3-chome Park. The PTA will run the reception booth and prepare certificates for those that participate. Drinks will be sold by the school, while the PTA will supply paper cups and other supplies for the event. All preparations will be finalized at our next PTA meeting.


・Terry Fox Runについては、会場の申し込み手続きを完了しました。当日のPTA活動は、参加者の受付、および終了後の証明書の配布です。また、ドリンクの販売は学校側が行います。また、紙コップと安全ピンの用意を学校側から求められました。全ての準備手順に関しては、次回のPTA meetingで最終打ち合わせの予定です。

Terry Fox Run

20 AuGust Pta Meeting

In this month's PTA meeting, we discussed a number of topics including Sports Day, last semester's efforts, our technology strategy (including this website), and our plans for better organizing and sharing information about what we're doing with all parents at MIS.

As for events, we discussed our contribution to Sports Day and our PTA hosted event for the semester. The PTA's main event in this semester is the Terry Fox Run. So in this week's PTA meeting we discussed the Terry Fox Run location, timing, and logistics to make sure everything is prepared for another fun charity event for our school and community.

We're really looking forward to another great charity event this year to help our children learn to become responsible global citizens!


June 18th: Bazaar, Plans,

This year's Bazaar was another successful fundraiser, both fun and record setting in what the PTA raised. A big "THANK YOU" to everyone that volunteered and to those that stopped by the drink, popcorn, and bouncy castle stand to support us.

Although this term is nearly at an end, we've started planning for the PTA events in the remainder of this school year, including the Terry Fox Run on November 9 and another Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon (date is TBD in Term 3). If you'd like to learn more about these events, feel free to join us in the next PTA meeting. The calendar of events is up to date and visible above on this web page.

One announcement from June's PTA meeting is that we've decided to adopt and expand this web page. We hope that over the coming months that it will become a useful vehicle for sharing information and communicating our activity more clearly with all parents, teachers and staff at MIS. In the future, we'll plan to post meeting minutes and other announcements here - so please visit us monthly for the latest PTA activities, discussions, and plans.

free photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

PTA Booth @ Bazaar

To help raise money for the school, the PTA officers will be running a bouncy castle, cold drink, and popcorn stand at this year's Bazaar! Stop by, have a jump-around, then buy a drink and popcorn to support PTA contributions to MIS (wondering what that might be? When you're at the school, be sure to check out the new playground equipment that was installed this year!)

PTA Bazaar Planning

Our first PTA meeting for this school year, on April 16th, ended with the annual Bazaar planning kickoff. Each year our PTA contributes time, effort, and supplies to help make the event a fun and successful fundraiser for the school. In the previous year, we hosted a bouncy castle, shaved ice, and a popcorn corner for all to enjoy. This year we'll be just as involved, and over the next month our event planning committee will be preparing to do just that. If you'd like to get involved and learn more about MIS PTA's contribution to the Bazaar, please join us in the next PTA meeting on May 21st at 2:10PM.

76942_v2_mis pta announcement 2019

2019 MIS PTA

MIS PTA: encouraging stronger relationships and lifelong giving. Join us in 2019 to help improve our Parent & Teacher Association. Details in the announcement document.

2019-Feb-18 MIS Staff &

Thank you MIS Staff!

Teacher Appreciation

Thank you MIS Teachers!


And thank you parent volunteers, there were a lot of happy staff and teachers! What a wonderful way to show appreciation!

Playground Update

Great news! Today the final, green rubber matting and swings were installed. After this cures over the weekend, we will do a final inspection, explain the rules for the new swings to the kids, and then hope that our students will be able to begin using the new play equipment next week.

A big thank you for the collaboration between the school & PTA to bring this dream to fruition for our children! - Mr. Citrano