September, 2023

MIS PTA General Meeting
September 2023

MIS PTA Monthly Meeting Sept 2023

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 12:15-1:30

Venue: MIS Meeting Room and ZOOM Online


Event Committee Report (Megumi, Tara, and Chiaki)

Family Picnic (Saturday, September 9)

 Despite the bad weather the day before, the event was a great success.

 The ballet and dance class time were changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes this year. This was very well received in the parent survey.

 Items for improvement for next year, such as selling lunch, changing the timing of the event, and improving the method of advance notification, will be discussed later.

Income and expenditures from drink sales were 11,067 yen positive. Unsold items will be sold at the Sports Day.

 If there are any advances, please submit both receipts for reimbursement.

Terry Fox Run (Saturday, November 4)

10+ volunteers needed.

PTA's scope of responsibilities is expected to be the same as last year (e.g., setting up the event site, including setting up signs, helping children on the day of the event, handing out certificates, etc.). Mr. Citrano will review the checklist prepared by the event committee.

Mr. Citrano asked one cancer survivor to participate in the event as a guest.

Donation Committee (Mr. Muto)

Quotes are being obtained for the building to be installed in the field.

Alumni Network (Ms. Kimura)

Currently, MIS has no alumni organization. Fourteen years have passed since the school opened, and the first graduates are about to become university students, which is a good time to establish an alumni network.

E-mail information of some graduates is stored in MIS, but there are cases where registered e-mails are no longer used, so it is desirable to manage them by using an application that gives an account to each of them.

The chairman, vice chairman, and accounting officer will be selected from alumni, and two leaders will be appointed from each grade level, with support from MIS and PTA. The constitution and bylaws will be drafted and shared as soon as possible.

We have already obtained quotes from two companies. Eastgate Corporation offers a service called アルムネット (, which has a proven track record in providing services to alumni associations in Japan, and is competitive in terms of both initial costs and running costs.(No initial cost, 178,800 yen/year for basic functions; annual fee increases by 100 yen per 100 members if the number of members exceeds 1,000).

The cost burden will be discussed between MIS and PTA later.

There is a concern about the protection of children’s personal information, and Mr. Kimura will check with Eastgate to see if they have any examples of use at elementary schools.

The next PTA meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 17, 12:15-1:15 at MIS meeting room and ZOOM online.







議題1. イベント委員会報告(めぐみさん、Taraさん、ちあきさん)











議題2. 寄付委員会(武藤さん)


議題3. Alumniネットワーク(木村さん)



卒業生からChairman、Vice chairman、Accounting officerを選出し、それぞれの学年から2人のリーダーを決め、MISとPTAから適宜サポートしながら運営をしていく想定。会則等は追ってドラフトを作成し共有する。







次回のPTAミーティングは10月17日(火)12:15〜13:15 MISミーティングルームとZOOMオンラインにて開催。